We hold online antique and collectible consignment auctions on a routine basis.
We are usually working 2 to 3 months out and these fill up fast so please plan ahead.

Top Dollars Realized!
  • Selling via Proxibid's Online platform, reaching buyers not only from southeastern Wisconsin, but all over the world.
  • Our typical online auction has participants from 30 to 40 states and 2 or 3 countries.


Quick Payment!

Quick payouts - typically within 2 weeks, complete with an itemized list of your auction results is standard with Bailey's Honor Auction Service.
Marketing Professionals!

What your items realize is no accident, it is the result of a skillful, marketing plan.  Don't be fooled - better prices are achieved by better marketing.  At Bailey's Honor your items may be viewed by:
  • Online visitors to our internet site.
  • Online visitors to any of the many places our auctions are posted to (proxibid, auctionzip, estatesales.org, estatesales.net, craigslist, and more).
  • Targeted Marketing via collector groups, web sites, and Facebook.
  • Targeted email to our specialized collectors if your item(s) match their interest.
  • Electronic mailings to our "all auction" participants on our internet based mailing lists.
Auction Philosophy

We at Bailey's Honor believe strongly in the Auction Method of Marketing. That a correctly marketed auction will bring the best possible return on the items being sold. Our reputation is based on providing a fair and honest auction, which is in a large part what we attribute our success in the industry to. Because of this our policy includes:
  • No buy-backs
  • No reserves (some exceptions apply)
  • No minimums
We strongly believe that this philosophy creates the best auction environment for both buyer and seller.
Terms / Consignment Rates

All items are sold on a percentage consignment basis. For additional consignment information, including our current consignment rate structure, simply send an email via this link - Request Consignment Information (do not change the address or subject). You'll receive an automated reply from us shortly.

For more information give us a call at (262) 569-8687 or drop us an email, there is no obligation and our initial consultation is absolutely free.

Be careful of commission cutters!
Remember Top prices come from top professionals

Even if you do not choose Bailey's Honor to represent your items please choose your auctioneer wisely. Please feel free to review and even print and take with you our Guide to selecting an Auctioneer.

Exceptions to our Typical No-Reserve Policy

Occasionally, at the wish of the consignor we will sell an item with a reserve in place. These are typically for very high end items. In the event that a consignor has negotiated a reserve, that reserve shall constitute the opening bid. If there is no opening bid equal to the reserve, the object will be withdrawn from sale and the consignor will be liable for one-half the applicable commission rate on the negotiated reserve amount. 


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