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We provide two types of Auction Notification (All Auctions or Specialized Collector Lists). Both options are described below. 

Option #1:  All Auction Notification
With this option you will be notified via email for the posting of any new auction to our web site. This is recommended if you have general interests or collect several types of items.

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Subscribers to this list receive one email notification of every auction we post to our web site.

Option #2:  Specialized Collector Lists

With this option you select the types of items that you want to be notified for. If the upcoming auction has what we consider a quality item or items in that category, you will be notified. You can sign up for as many lists as you like, but please note that these are totally separate lists and you will receive a notification for each category with matching items. The subject line will have the category included so you'll know the difference, and this isn't a big deal to us - we just want you to be aware upfront of how this works. 


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I understand that I may receive multiple emails if the auction has items in several lists  that I subscribe to. 
Our recommendation would be if you are considering checking more than 5 lists, that instead you subscribe to the  All Auction Notification.





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