Carol has over 20 years of experience as a professional auctioneer. 

She is the Past President of the Wisconsin Auctioneers Association, the first woman to win the Wisconsin State Auctioneers Championship, and recently finished in the
Top 7 Nationally in the National Auctioneers Competition. 
She has performed hundreds of charity auctions.
She brings professionalism, excitement, enthusiasm and experience to fundraising events.


Benefits of a professional auctioneer for your fundraising event
  • Maximized dollars raised - as any other profession, an experienced professional delivers a better product.
  • A professional auctioneer experienced with fundraising will mentor and work with your organization to ensure a successful event
  • A professional auctioneer experienced with fundraising can make recommendations about how to use your space wisely, what sells and what doesn't, the types of items to seek out for your fundraiser, and how to make your event more fun. All of these ultimately generating more activity, maximized contributions, and return patrons.
  • Professional ring staff to assist during the auction


The decision you make when hiring an auctioneer for your event is an important one. 
Like any profession, you get what you pay for. While the most expensive isn't necessarily the best, the cheapest could have lasting negative impact on your organization. The auction is typically critical to the success of fundraising events, do your research and hire an experienced professional.

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